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Since I have the other thread going that’s so depressing, I’m looking for anything to give me a laugh – so I thought this might be a little fun.

I tested both Flash and Lucy years ago before Rickie joined the pack and they both failed. I thought maybe, just maybe they got a little smarted with age. Nope, No, Nada, not even a little bit.

Here are their results
Flash – Laid down and fell asleep, I stopped counting
Lucy – Fell on her side and joined Flash in a nap – she should have gotten points on how fast she could start snoring.
Rickie – 2 seconds – so he gets 5 points. Show off.

Towel test:
Quickly throw a large towel over the dog's head and shoulders.
5 Dog gets free in 0-15 seconds
4 Dog gets free in 16-30 seconds
3 Dog gets free in 31-60 seconds
2 Dog gets free in 1-2 minutes
1 Dog doesn't get free within 2 minutes

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This gave me quite a chuckle....can't wait to get home and try Woody...bad thing is..he likes to lay under the covers down by my legs to sleep..he may be just like your two and just think it's lights out...

Lets face it...he gets to spread out in the king size bed and I am lucky if I get 6 inches and half of me isn't hanging off....he's under the covers and pushes me with those big chunky paws.....I say if any alien was lucky....I am the dumb one.:p

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The towel is only part of the test. Here is the whole thing:

Dog IQ Test

1) Take a large towel or blanket and gently throw it over your dog's head. If he frees himself from the towel in less than 15 seconds, give him 3 points. If it takes 15-30 seconds, 2 points. If it takes him longer than 30 seconds, give him 1 point.

(If he lays down and sleeps under the blanket, he's a basset hound)

2) Place a treat (or his favorite toy) under one of three buckets that are lined up in a row. Show your dog which bucket the treat is under. Turn the dog away for 10 seconds. Then let the dog go.

If he goes straight to the right bucket (the one with the treat under it), give him 3 points. If it takes two tries to find the treat, 2 points. If he checks the wrong two first before finding the treat,
give him 1 point.

(If, while you are setting up your buckets, he steals the box of treats you left on the table, he's a basset hound)

3) Place a treat in a square of aluminum foil and fold it twice to close it. If the dog uses his paws to get the foil open, give him 3 points. If he uses his mouth and paws to open the foil, give him points. If he can't get the foil open and just starts playing with it, give him 1 point.

(If he grabs the aluminum foil, and eats it along with the treat, he's a basset)

4) On a day you normally don't walk the dog, quietly pick up your keys, and his leash (and whatever else you usually take with you) while he's watching. If he gets excited, score 3. If you have to walk to the door before he knows it is time to go out, score 2. If he sits
there with a confused look on his face, give him 1 point.

(If he looks at you, and then takes your seat on the couch, than he's a basset)

5) With your dog out of the room, rearrange the furniture. If he goes directly to his favourite spot on the couch, the one with his impression in the cushion, give him 3 points. If he investigates the
room and finds his favourite spot within 30 seconds, give him 2 points. If he settles for a less comfortable place because he's just too lazy to make the effort, score 1 point.

(If he heads for the bedroom, and snuggles under your comforter, than he's a basset)

6) Construct a barrier from cardboard. The barrier should be higher than
your dog when he's on two legs. Attach two boxes to either side as
support structures. The entire barrier should be about 5 feet wide. Cut a 3-inch-wide rectangular aperture in the center of the barrier. The aperture should run from about 4-inches from the top to about 4-inches from the bottom. Give yourself 10 points - those were pretty
complicated directions! As for the dog, show him a treat from the other side of the barrier. If he walks around the barrier within 30 seconds, give him 3 points. If he goes around the barrier between 30 seconds and a minute, give him 2 points. If he gets his head stuck in
the aperture, give him 1 point for trying. Bonus points: If he goes to someone else in the house and gets a treat, give him 3 points - he knows how to get the goodies.

(If he knocks the barrier over, steals the treat, knocks you down, drools all over you, and then steals the box of treats you left on the table, than he's a basset hound)
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