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doggie doors

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For those of you with doggie doors, what size do you have/prefer? I'm thinking about installing one in the wall for Peanut (55lbs) and Tarquin (35lbs). Do you have problems with other critters coming in thru it? I've seen the electronic ones, but wonder about them losing their collars or something happening to the transmitter and them be stuck outisde...

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When a cat only household many of the neighbors cats found their way in. Since the dogs arrived nary a cat hmmm.

Just so you know all your option if you have a sliding Patio door there are Automatic Door openers that make a dog door unecessary.

abovw link is not meant as a reccomendation just choosen at random to illustrate what is available.

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We bought a large (not an automatic one) for both Huck and Grace ("Blab" - a Lab who thinks she's a Basset). It works well for both of them. Love it except for some reason in the early morning neither dog will go out the doggy door. They insist on me getting up and letting them out the front door. What's up with that, I ask? Neither one would answer me. :confused:
I put in the large size, 10"W X 15"H opening. I mounted it closer to the floor than what the manufacturer recommended, but the top is still 17" off the floor. It's easier for the to step over, but also left clearance for height. They could have used a smaller one by manufacturer's recommendation.
Just thought about other critters. My sister has Pugs, she put in a small door for them. One day she came home to find her other dog in the back porch with the pugs. She thought the kids put him out there. She put him back out and a few minutes later he was in again, he used the dog door.
OH, did I mention he is a Sharpei-German Sheperd mix, and 90lbs!!!!
I have two large dog doors, which fit my two bassets (50 and 60 pounds) perfectly. I have only had two critters come in--a neighbor dog that weighs at least 120 pounds and my house sitter, who'd lost her key. I couldn't believe either one fit through.
We have a large one--not the kind with the flap, but with two plastic doors that part in the middle when the dog wants to come in. We installed it right in the wall so that it goes into a storage room, and I like it better than the version with the flap--you can actually lock it, using the plate and key that come with it. One thing that you'll need to look out for (and I almost blew it) is to get it close enough to the ground so that the short legged ones can get through it easily. We ended up having to put some dri-tek down so Pearl could hop in and out easily. I can't comment on the critter factor, though, because it leads out to an encloesd run, not to an open yard. I've heard stories of critters coming in through these things, but in the many years we've had dog doors, some of them leading to the yard, I've never seen it happen.

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Here's how mine is set up. From the kitchen into their pen.
(Dozer likes to lay with his head outside.)

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Thanks for the info! That pic of Dozer is just too funny! Now I just have to figure out where, think I have a spot, will have to make a little deck or a ramp for them to get in and out...
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