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The things I buy for my furbabbies! My old landlord wouldn't let me install a doggie door so I went out and bought a house that already had one (and a much bigger yard for the pups to play in).

The problem is that Buddy hasn't seen a doggie door since I adopted him four years ago and Daphne has never seen one before (and doesn't really want anything to do with this one).

Is there a way to train these kids to use the door? I don't mind letting them in and out when I'm home but I'd prefer it if they would let themselves out when they decide they've had too much to drink at 3:00am.

Any suggestions?

Hold the door open call dogs through reward with treat and praise. repeat 3-10 times minimium or until the dogs go through the opening without hesitation. Next call dogs through door but while they are passing through the opening slowly lower the flap onto them again repeat until the dogs do not hesitate. Next, start lowering the door sooner and faster. Next hold flap only partially open and call dogs through reward as before and final with door completely closed. One big secret to successfull dog training is to make the dogs sucessfull don't move to the nect step until they are fluenent with the first,
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