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The is more and more of a trend for Dog shelters to view themselves as Suppliers of pet ie Pet Stores.

The Coming Shelter Dog Shortage | Out The Front Door
"If these trends continue – and it certainly seems like they will – we will have a shortage of shelter dogs for people wanting to adopt. What happens then?

The ideal thing would be for No Kill to find some way to co-opt the industry – to make sure there is a big enough supply of shelter dogs for community No Kill shelters to be able to maximize their market share. The most obvious way to do this would be to start importing homeless dogs from overseas. This would not be a permanent solution, because foreign countries are beginning to use TNR for street dogs, which will eventually drop their populations to sustainable levels. But until that happens, foreign countries would be a good source of supply for shelter dogs. We would be helping the shelter system in the United States while saving huge numbers of street dogs overseas.
Another way to tackle the problem would be for volunteers to breed litters which would then be donated to their local shelter for placement. This would have many advantages. The volunteers could provide great homes for the parents and intensive socialization of the puppies. The volunteers would have no incentive to inbreed, or to breed brachycephalic dogs. Only dogs with good health and good temperament would be bred. The volunteers could adjust the type and size of dogs bred to the local demand. The puppies would have all recommended veterinary care and be spayed or neutered before they were adopted. Shelter workers who have a lot of experience in matching dogs to adopters could make sure that every placement has a good chance for success, and could follow up to catch any problems early."

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You Might be an Animal Rights Radical

From Jay Kitchener

" if you believe that:

It's wrong to sell a dog for profit, but you should never give one away for free.

It's all how a dog is raised. The dog's breed doesn't matter.

It's all how they are raised, but getting an adult dog from the street will make a great pet for your family.

All dogs are the same, no matter the breed, so if you want a lap dog a 50-pound stray will be perfect.

Intentionally breeding is bad, but accidental litters are great, and those are the puppies you should desire.

Christmas puppies are bad unless you get them from a shelter.

Pet store animals from licensed and inspected sources are bad, but shelter and rescue dogs from completely unknown sources are good.

Tail docking and ear cropping are "mutilation" of dogs, but ripping out a dog's testicles or uterus is an act of "kindness".

Ear cropping is "cruel" if done on a dog, but perfectly acceptable if done on a feral cat. (Feral cats are ear notched after spay/neuter).

Kennel crates are bad unless they are being used by a shelter or rescue.

Keeping a dog penned or tethered outside is "cruel," but keeping a dog crated 23 hours a day is not."
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