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Dog Park?

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A new dog park is opening in my area.

sadie is 7 months old and has lost of energy...

has anyone had an experience with a dog park?

Good or Bad?
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It depends on the dog park. We have a great dog park here -- people generally follow the rules -- dogs under voice command, clean-up, etc. However, if you are curious, I would say go visit the park first without your pup to check out how well behaved the dogs (and humans) are. Before taking your dog, I would also make sure Sadie is up on all her shots including those she needs if she is around other dogs (Bordetella, etc.). If you are going to let Sadie off leash, make sure she will come back. I might try taking her the first time on-leash. One more point of caution -- if Sadie isn't spayed -- don't take her -- for obvious reasons.

That said, Chloe LOVES our dog park. She is horrible on leash -- but just the best off-leash. She stays close, but can follow those yummy smells to her heart's content.
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Our dog park will not allow dogs on a leash inside. YOu have to take the leash off the moment you are in the gates. Somthing about the dog being at a disadvantage and possibly acting defensively.

We loved going to our local dog park but there were two issues that were never resolved. They had a huge flea problem. We are in Florida but we all manage our yards so there is no reason they couldn't get the flea problem under control. We always came home with some hitchhikers.

The other problem was that it depended on who was on duty as far as how aggressive dogs were dealt with. It was supposed to be a "Three Strikes, You're Out" situation but we would often see the same dogs, doing the same things. They would put them out for the day but someohow they would always get back in.

Safety is an issue at these parks. As long as there are nice dogs, it's great. But who wants to run into a dog fight, to retrieve a poor nosey Basset, who wandered in to see what the heck was going on? That's why we just skip it these days.

PS Belvedere really loved going there. When there was another dog that would really PLAY with him, it was hard to get him to leave when it was time.
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Great question! Our community is opening a dog park on June 1st for the first time and we are thinking of joining and wasn't sure how they work.

We are hoping they have a free intro week just to see if Annie is going to like it. Hate to pay $25 for a year and her not enjoy it.

She is a "friend" to every dog in the neighborhood and just hope they will feel the same way towards her when they are all running loose.

Thanks for all the scoop!

Francis and I go to a great dog park near the house and it's the best thing that ever happened to us. We started early (after ALL his immunizations)so Franny became well socialized early. About 99% of the people and dogs that go there are great and manage their dogs well and the 1% that aren't are usually made to feel unwelcome and generally don't come back. An unwelcome pet is one that is totally out of his master's control or aggressive. (I also feel that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners) I pity these dogs because the other dogs are having a blast.
Another benefit is the socialization of the owners while the little darlings play. People will bring their coffee and hang out while the lunatic dogs work off steam.
We really benefitted when Francis went blind because he knew the park and the other dogs very well and since he was well known people made allowances for him and did a super job managing their dogs around him. It's worked out fine.
Good luck!
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There's a dog park here that is great. I was a little worried about letting eleanor go there but we went one day and she LOVED it. We don't like it when there are big scary dogs, especially becuase for some reason eleanor would rather play with them than smaller dogs. But usually it is a good mix of medium/big dogs who like to run. Eleanor loves to chase when they start running but with her little legs she can't keep up!

Like Faye said, if there is another dog who is her size or taller but not too much heavier (eleanor is 40 lbs already!) and they start playing, it is impossible to tear el away from there.

Also the people who bring dogs there are mostly friendly people who like other dogs and can keep their dogs under control.

So if you can get the safety and health situation to where you are comfortable -- and the other owners/dogs are a good mix -- a dog park is a great thing.
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In Las Vegas, we have Dogparks From Hell. Dog fights every half hour and the park carpeted in dog shit. :mad:
The dog park is great for socializing more than anything. Sebi was a rescue, and he was pretty traumatized. We've been taking baby steps to the dog park, and it's helping him a lot. We still keep to ourselves mostly, but he's getting better about meeting other dogs and even playing. He does announce when he is DONE however, by running up and barking at me until I put the lead on and take him out. Most of our locals are very good with their dogs, but a few just seem to sit in chairs gossiping and letting their dogs run about - those are the aggressive ones that upset sebs. He does, however, love all of the *people* attention no end, and most seem unable to resist the urge to pet the basset. :)
I believe the dog park is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You take your basset there and walk around the place a couple times and they are DEAD for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

The labs, retrievers, etc seem to get the best out of the park. I see the owners take them off the leash and they tear off running. Sweet smells of freedom!!!

I take my hounds off the leash and they look up at me like 'now what?'

Nothing boosts your self esteem like taking a basset to a dog park and hearing the ooooooh's and aaaaaaaah's by all the jealous owners of the other dogs.
I was wondering about the dog parks everyone is mentioning.

As I said in a previous post, our community is opening on June 1st and will have two different parks. One for the larger dogs and one for the smaller dogs.

My question is: Are most parks set up this way and I guess we will take Annie to the small dog section even though she is 55 you think this will work in "the world of the dog bark people"?

OOPS...meant to say "Dog Park" instead of "Dog Bark" but I guess the two are pretty much the same.

Again, sorry!

The small dog section is for toy poodles and the like. Take Annie to the large dog section.
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