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I'm really concerned about what kind of food to feed a basset hound. My own dog (8 months) has had a lot of problems and I've talked to many so-called experts. Although it seems Winnie seems to thrive best on a salmon/rice kibble aimed at fully grown dogs, I've been advised to try the Barf diet (raw) as well as other brands of kibble by vets, breeders and friends.

I'd be very interested in hearing from people on Cyberhound what they feed their bassets? And why?

In particular, I am concerned about the risk of bloat. I don't walk Winnie an hour before or after feeding. She also has her food twice a day instead of once. I soften it with a bit of water too as she seems to prefer it that way.

After talking to so many sources, I'd like to hear from more people directly involved with bassets.
What do you feed your dog?

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