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if Winnie is doing good on what your feeding ,than you are doing right!!! if the food costs to much,you don't have to feed a NAME brand of food there are others out there that will do the same job for less,but compare the ingredents to make sure the formula is close to what you are feeding now.i don't not know how many field trials there are or if you hunt with your dog in Sweden,but i feed a performance fomula with protein levels between 23%-30% and fat levels between 16%-20% the more active they are the higher protein/fat level and in the winter time they get it,because they are kenneled outside year round.when they are less active and in the summer time i'll use the lower formula(23/16).now the brand that i use you may not be able to get and i'm not telling you to use it,is called Black Gold.when i can't get that i will use Diamond or Sportsman's Pride.these brands may not be to well known but they work for me.there are 2 of our older dogs on these foods one basset is 10 1/2 yrs.old and a 12 yr.old Brittany and they still can get it done when they are called upon to go out and get some game up.
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