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dog food?

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Hi, Im new here and I have a problem with my basset Samson. He came to me severely underweight as a stray about a year and a half ago.He is about 2 1/2 now.All food at that time upset his stomach or gave him diarrea. The vet and I tried everything to get him settled, several medications and home cooking did not help. Finally with the advice from another basset owner I found a dog food that he could eat. Heres my problem: I now find out this company is the number one most wanted for animal cruelty. Samson does still get loose bowls on occasion if he gets into something and my vet said this would be a life long problem. Does anybody have any ideas or know of any similar situations that had a happy ending? Thanks for any advice!
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I just checked the ingredients on the Black Gold foods. They all contain corn meal in the first three ingredients. A couple of the types also contain wheat.

Aren't these the 2 things most dogs are allergic to? And corn doesn't actually digest? I'm asking because that is what I have read and been told.
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