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dog food?

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Hi, Im new here and I have a problem with my basset Samson. He came to me severely underweight as a stray about a year and a half ago.He is about 2 1/2 now.All food at that time upset his stomach or gave him diarrea. The vet and I tried everything to get him settled, several medications and home cooking did not help. Finally with the advice from another basset owner I found a dog food that he could eat. Heres my problem: I now find out this company is the number one most wanted for animal cruelty. Samson does still get loose bowls on occasion if he gets into something and my vet said this would be a life long problem. Does anybody have any ideas or know of any similar situations that had a happy ending? Thanks for any advice!
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this is something that i keep reading about here on this board.i was born unto this breed 40 years ago and can not for the life of me ever remember any of our dogs having a problem.could this be a genetic problem? we have used different foods through the years and it has never bothered our dogs.what i do notice is when i can't get the dog food that our beagle club gets( Black Gold ) my father will use Big Red from Agway and it's not a bad food if you feed the right Father feeds the cheaper formula and the dogs are scootin' there butts on the ground.this has not happened to me when i used the Endurance Formula which is 5 bucks a bag more.i do use Diamond when i can't get the Black Gold.These are the 2 that i only use now.i feed 26% Protein 18% Fat,Black Gold "Black Bag" and have used the "Silver Bag" 23% Protein 16% Fat with very good results also,but i prefer the Black Bag.Now some people say that"to much protein is hard on a dogs kidney's" i think that is a lot of Bull unless your dog HAS Kidney Problems to begin with.i also have a 11 year old Brittany that gets the 26/18 food(Black Gold or Diamond) and is still in great shape with no sign of kidney problems,which some say higher protein food in older dogs is harder on there system,but you could fool me.the other thing also is no loose bowel movements and less of it to clean up than with other foods.these are just my findings over the years.a couple of things i do look for is food with NO SOY products,Meat or Meat Meal(this also includes Chicken or Chicken by products) as the first ingredient and it can not Have Meat and BONE Meal.i've found out that a strip of meat on a bone is considered this,bone is hard to digest!!!! this is what works for me and it may not work for you so you have to find out what works best for your hound.
See less See more these are some that we use and have been very happy with them all.i get what is ever easier to get at the time and all three are similar,but made by different Mills.
zippy,most brands all have that in there first 3.i just don't want to see it as the First.they are used as a binder to hold the food together when it is being extruded.i don't think that beef or corn in general are the cause of most of the problems with allergies.i think it is the HYBRID,GENETICALLY ALTERED stuff that could be the cause,BGH in beef... etc.
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