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We have been feeding Molly Beneful for the past several months. But we keep reading about how bad it is.

We are thinking of switching to Eukanuba as recommended by our vet.


Does anyone use this brand?
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Rusty & Stickers have been eating Eukanuba Lamb & Rice for almost one year. They really like it and I've had no problems with them on it. I tried twice to try other brands but had to deal with loose stool so they will stay on it.
Beneful is a supermarket brand that claims to have a lot of vegetables in it, I believe. It scored extremely poorly on the list of dog foods posted here recently. In reading the dietary info, my impression is that it has a lot of fillers.

We use Hills Science Diet. I have personally confirmed that they use only U.S. grown grains (corn) they don't even use wheat gluten (although I realize that the scope of proteins is much larger now) , and have not been involved in any dog food recalls. Elmer and Button have been doing very well. They have been on it for two years. I highly reccommend.
We've used Beneful in a pinch and the dogs LOVED it. They gobbled it up. HOWEVER vet said it was like feeding your (real) kids "fast food" as their meals daily. Lots of carbs, etc. He did not recommend it for breeds with weight issues, for sure.

We are now using a mixture of Innova and Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul. We'll go back to the favorite Nutro Ultra when I'm assured of it's safety. That's what has been best for our dogs. I will probably keep mixing the Innova with it, though.
I switched Chloe from the Costco brand dogfood when she kept having skin issues. At my vet's suggestion, I switched to Purina Pro Plan. I chose the "sensitive skin" formula b/c she was having troubles. It uses salmon as the protein source.

Good news? Easy switch. She likes the food. Skin hasn't been a problem for two years. No corn so no frito smell. No recent recall. Purina (so far) has been fairly unscathed. They recalled a few wet foods -- but not a lot.

Bad news? A bit pricey and I have to go to the pet store to buy it.
i know of some people in Maine and the New England area that swear by blue seal. they were using Ultra 27,which will now be called Active Dog Formula. hope this is of some help to you.
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