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There is a lot of fun stuff going on for Hank. I hardly ever go to any of the events because Harley doesn't get along with other dogs and Anabelle is hard to get around and has a short energy span, but I do hear about them.

October 1st is Dog Day Afternoon for Operation Kindness. Usually it is at Flagpole Hill, right around White Rock Lake, and there are lots of vendors, demonstrations, etc. There should be more information on their website. It is free I believe.

October 29th is the Basset Hound Shuffle, the North Texas Basset Rescue has lots of info on their site about that. I don't know about cost but it is the biggest fundraiser for the N Tx Basset Rescue so I would come prepared to pay something.

Operation Kindness has 2 big dinner fundraisers every year for people only. Hope Gala has already passed and is more geared towards "high rollers" with gourmet meals, diamonds, etc. I volunteered for it this year and it was fancy. Some of the folks there spent $10k+. They have a bigger less expensive event called Canines Cats and Cabernet on November 13th that's more geared towards us middle-class folks :p

There are a lot of dog groups on but no basset specific ones. Dog About Town on facebook posts a lot of local events too.

Hope that helps :p
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