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No matter how much training a good natured dog has,he will bite if scared or overwelmed.It`s wired into there being.
I laugh the hardest at people who say my dog don`t bite.My reply is (he don`t bite you).I`ve been around hounds all my life, been bitten twice.Once by a scared hound that thought I was going to get her(she was stuck in a fence row).The next time just outright aggressiveness.
The fact is most people don`t train there pet`s.So hounds returning to their primal nature should be expected.
I will never talk badly about any rescue.We as a society underfund it and bitch because it`s lacking.
Myself personally have killed dog`s with a gun,with blood on my own hands I wish for a society that don`t discard hounds like an old pair of shoes.When I did the killing it changed me.Made me not such a hardass on eliminating animals from this planet.Just getting rid of the unfortunate dog`s will not fix the problem with some of the human race.
How can we change the human behaviour that is the root of the problem.
Dog`s bite.
Some humans ...bite.

Michael Fulkerson

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