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The most common training advice to eliminate unwanted attention serking behavior is to ignore the behavior and the behavior will go away by a process called "extinction" While it is true the follow are major drawbacks to the approach

1. the reason the behavior, in the first place, became the dogs default attention seeking behavior in the first place is it is so annoying it can not simply be ignored.

2. Ectinction does on happen smoothly. That is if the behavior stops working the dog does not simply abbondon it. It is like a light switch that does not work , we try it again just slightly different fastter, longer,louder etc. Makeing the behavior even more obnoxious than before. If the dog is know rewarded it makes extinct nearly impossible be cause the dog has learned if the behavior is at first successful by becoming even more obnoxious it will be. Because of "ectinction Burst" descirbed above the old adage things have to get worse before they get better applies to trying to eliminate a behavior by ignoring it.

3. It does not change the dogs need for attent. If you are successful at eliminating a particular behavior it does not change the dog need for attention and to let you know it. Since it has already learned obnoxious behaviors are successful at geting your behavior, it is quite likely the behavior you have eliminated will be replaced by and even more obnoxious one unless you actively train a specificly less obnoxious behavior such as sitting quitely. Human nature what it is, however, we often ignore such behavior causing the dog to have to revert back to obmoxious behaviors to get attention

The Harmmony Programme Is one that has worked well with many dogs. While I readily admit the linked article is often bathed in "new age" pscho babble B.S> for why it works there are some scoentific reasonings behind the approach. It is based on much of what we have learned from dealling with new borns. That is giving attention to the dog when it needs it and first asks, besides preventing the obnoxious behavior over time lessens the dogs need for attention.
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