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Hi All,

Molly does not stop whinging, she whines for 1/2 an hour at a time, just before food, just after, when she is sun bathing, when she is just sitting down and so on.

We can't see any reason for it, she is a happy dog but she just keeps whinging, sometimes as if she is bullying us, does your Basset do this?[/b]

God yes Bo whinges a lot also, we are quite lucky it's usually when she wants soemthing, and we are starting to work out the whinging times with the required need for something ie I want to go out, I want my dinner, I want to go to bed!!! We live in quite a routine so if we do something at a different time like eat or go to bed she will whinge at the time we would normally be doining it.

That said she does this strange growning when you think she is just layed sleeping, but her eyes are open & she moans away, I think it for attention to be stroked, as our bassets do like there love!! Hope this helps
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