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Any idea on how to get them to stop whining?[/b]

In general dogs do what works for them. If you find the whining annoying it is most likely getting the dog the attention it is seeking.

1. be proactive why does the dog whine? satisfied the dogs need before it needs to ask.

2. attention seeking see Harmony Program Work much like you would for a crying baby. When a baby cry's do you ignore it? That does not work to well. It is best to give the attention. food etc it needs. Once it learns it needs will be and are being met it does not need attention as often

3. Ignore the behavor. As above usually fails because the dogs need are not met. At best you substitute one annoying habit for an even more annoying habit that you can't possibly ignore.

4. train an alternative less annoying behavior, Such as sitting in front of you quitely see <a href="" target="_blank">Training an Alternative Behavior:
Changing a Paw Whack to a Chin Rest</a> and Stopping Negative Behavior Positively
The first step in changing undesired behavior is to identify the behaviors that you want to change. Every time you interact with your dog, ask yourself, "Is my dog doing something I want him to do?"

The second step is to define what you want your dog to do. If your dog is doing something you don't like, define what you want him to do instead. It's not enough to say "I want him to stop doing what he's doing." He could stop doing what he's doing and choose to do something worse - and then you'd have to stop that as well. It's faster to define what you want him to do from the beginning. For example:

I want my dog to hold a sit-stay while I prepare his food. (Not "I want my dog to stop jumping on me when I prepare his food.")
I want my dog to sit at the top or bottom of the stairs when a person is walking up or down.
I want my dog to lie quietly on a mat while the family eats dinner.
I want my dog to lie quietly on a mat when I have visitors.[/b]
5. reward the behavior, just be sure the reward is not something the dog wants see "You Won the Prize!" and Insights Into Puppy Mouthing
I do not want to take anything away from the dog as a punishment so that they will decrease the chance of the behavior happening. I Reward the dog. Just not with the Reward they would prefer

If for example the dog is jumping and nipping for attention I reward the Behavior. BUT I reward it with something like me going away. "Yippie, you win! I bet I know what you would like! Your Reward is my disappearance." I know that it is semantics on one level but on another level it is really a completely different methodology.

...If my attitude remains that I am having a great time and even better if I am acting like I think that the Undesired Reward is what the dog wants I am not setting up a conflict. But I am motivating the dog to reexamine its choices. I am encouraging the dog to try and educate me as to the best thing to do. And when the dog figures out that biting and nipping me is the stupidest way to get me to play they will look for a better way. And when they think that the reward I offer is not worth the effort it weakens the probability of that behavior continuing to be offered.

If a good friend wants to get you to go golfing every weekend and you hate golf you could tell them how boring it is and keep debating the point forever.

Or you could enthusiastically head to the course wearing the most outrageous outfit you can put together at Goodwill. Hit the ball in the opposite direction because it is so much fun watching everyone's expression (besides you were never much of a conformist) Talk constantly. Hug them and scream with joy at every stroke they make and express your amazement at their skills. Then tell them what a wonderful time you have golfing with them and can't wait to do it again. I bet your friend won't be available for another round for months.[/b]
There is no one way to solve any problem, and as ussually the case most solutions are not complatable with one another. You know the dog better than any one else so you are in the best postion to evaluate which method is most likely to work for you.
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