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Does anyone know?

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What is the general lifespan of a basset hound?
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Our vet says 10-12 years, but I think the general opinion among Basset people is 12-14 years with some living longer than that. I've known three Bassets personally that passed on in their later years, Dudley - 11, Cleo - 12, and Rupert - estimated to be 14 or 15 (he was a rescue of uncertain age). Dudley and Cleo both died from cancer :( and possibly would have lived a little while longer if they hadn't gotten sick.
I usually tell people 10-14 years, on average. Bugsie celebrated her 15th birthday in April. :)
WOW! I didn't know Bugsie was 15!! That is wonderful!!!! She is a such a pretty girl!!!
Thanks, that's very kind. :) Every morning, when I go to wake her up for breakfast, I hold my breath.... :unsure:
It has been my experience that the 'average' lifespan varies considerably on blood lines. I know of breeders that experience a lifespan of approximately 5 years on their dogs. My own Bassets generally make it to double digits. Our oldest is Egret who like Bugsy is 15. Egret is on no medication and has not had an episode involving treatment since we moved 6 years ago. At that ime her back had gone out and since we were moving 1800 miles with out a fenced yard at our destination we elected cage rest.

At one point I was told by a person affiliated with Cascadia Basset Rescue that the dogs coming from other than breeders seemed to live longer than those surrender with known breeders.
The best I've managaged so far is 13 1/2. Rainbow is under orders to do better......
I'm expecting a record-breaking lifespan from Moe... anything less will break my heart!
My Barney is 14 in August and a breeder told me that she had one to 20! She said he did nothing but eat and sleep. Not sure whether to believe her but she had no reason to lie as I was not buying a pup from her.

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The norm always used to be around 11 - and I'm firmly of the opinion that if you can get a Basset through the 'terrible 8s' they do live on for quite a long time more. Most of mine lived into their early teens which I suggest with better feeding, and veterinary care these days, can easily be achieved.
We were very lucky with our first Basset, Tallulah. She went to the bridge shortly after her 15th birthday and never had health problems (she did get gassy in her later years). She slowed down a bit but never acted like an old lady- always chasing squirrels, balls and supervising everything!. We all, including our vet thought she'd be 20!
She is very missed.
Lifespan of a basset hound depends upon their breeds. Bassets will on average live up to 13 years sometimes longer.
Lifespan of a basset hound depends upon their breeds. Bassets will on average live up to 13 years sometimes longer.
I'm not sure where you live but unfortunately the average lifespan is not that high here in the UK. A study here in 2005 showed the average to be 11.4 years.
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