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Originally posted by Lynne & Huck
 I will then lift the covers and he will do a u-turn type of move and roots under.  He will then lay lengthwise as close beside me as humanly (or bassetly) possible with his fanny pointing at me.  For the life of me I can't get him to turn around  - it's gotta be that way.
Daisy Jayne is the same way, about burrowing under the covers. She usually goes down as far as my knees or ankles, which is nice, I have chronically cold feet and she doesn't mind or complain about them at all. :D

When it's time for bed, she gets up on the bed and lays down with her head on DH's pillow. When DH comes to bed, she looks at him like, "Where you gonna sleep, Dad?" He moves her over to the center of the bed, where she generally puts her head on his shoulder or pillow, her bottom against me, (depends on whether she's being "daddy's girl" or "mama's girl") and goes to sleep. She even likes to be covered up with just her head and neck sticking out.

We just got the youngest kid out of our bed and now we have the hound in bed with us, LOL. I reminded DH last night that this was all his fault, which he vehemently denied, but it really is his fault. :D

Daisy's other ritual is this: if she wakes up in the middle of the night to go potty, when we come back in the house, she won't hop up on the bed on her own. She will always come to my side of the bed and whine; when I say, "come up", she'll go to DH's side of the bed and wait patiently for me to come lift her up, but it has to be in that exact spot. Nowhere else will do, and she won't jump up on her own if DH is in bed. :roll: Good thing she's a relatively small basset hound.
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