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does anyone else

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does anyone else get a lot of attention whenever your basset is with you? toby gets tons of attention everywhere he goes. and he's never met a stranger! i just think its so funny
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Yes, Snickers gets attention EVERYWHERE she goes. People come up to her in stores and on walks and think her floppy ears are just adorable and they have to pet her! I can tell she hates all of the attention... :D
Oh my gosh yes! If we are walking, or at the pet store, EVERYONE stops to say hi to her! And in turn, if someone does NOT stop to say hi to her, she makes it a point that she is NOT satisfied until they do! (usually with a whimper or a bay) And you are right, the ears are the first thing they draw attention to. I mean come on... aren't Bassets the cutest????
My Snickers can't stand the attention either LOL:)
When I would walk my basset down Main St. in my little town, total strangers would roll down their window when driving by and say "can I pet your dog", I'd say "sure", they'd stop and spend 5-10 min admiring her. She loved it!
Snickers always does her "I'm gonna roll over on my back, so you can rub my belly" to everyone she meets!
My 2 get tons of attentnion and love every second of it!
People give Rosco attention at their peril; they usually end up getting slimed in the process.
Oh yes!! Mattie gets alot of attention from everybody we met. The funny things people do. We live on a road that leads to the river in our area, so we get tourist going back and forward during the summer going camping or whatever. Well sometimes in the summer.. Mattie will be on our porch sunning her self and people will ride by waving and pointing at her, like they never seen a basset hound people. My husband and I just laugh.
But everybody Mattie's meets they just talk and pet her. And Mattie just loves the attention.
Yes! I swear everyone could tell you Yogi's name but no one knows mine! So many people in our neighborhood like him and many times it takes longer to take a walk because people want to stop and pet him. They love the way he howls to say hello!
Same story as everyone else. People yelling from cars asking to pet him, crossing the road just to pet him, rolling over on his back on the sidewalk for a belly rub. I've been hit on while walking him without my boyfriend and have had a male friend take him to a park where he gets attention from the ladies. I've lived in the same neighborhood for the past 4 years, but moved from one side to the other, and when I moved people I had never met had heard of a Bogie from other dog walkers and were so excited that they got to meet him.
these are so funny! whenever toby runs up to people he always flops over on his back for belly rubs!
Maggie's been very popular too. She eats it right up. So funny. They're like dogs from another planet sometimes, I swear.
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