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Does anyone else have a bassett that fakes a limp?

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I was wondering if anyone has experience their bassetts faking a limp. I went on vacation and left my Snoopy with my mom where he mysteriously started limping. I got worried and so when I heard I told myself I'll take him to the vet when I got back. When I got back he was suddenly ok. But just last night he starting limping again but on a totally different leg when my boyfriend(whom he hasn't seen is a few weeks) came over . He started howling like he's never howled before in his life the second my BF set eyes on him. It was like he was dramatizing the whole thing because once he started playing w/ my BF the mysterious limp was magically gone. Anyone have any insight?

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If he were my dog, I'd assume that the limp indicated true pain and have him seen by my vet. If he's a puppy or young dog, this link might be helpful, depending on what the vet finds.

My first bassett fell and hurt his rear leg, the vet gave him some pills for inflamation(sp). To give Shorty his pill I would cover it with a big blob of peanut butter.

Ever so often Shorty would be limping around. If I watched closely he would be running around until he saw me then he would start the limp. The limp wasn't always the same leg. So I would give him some plain peanut butter and his "limp" was magically cured.

If he limped constantly or the peanut butter didn't fix the limp immediately. I would get out the pills and give him some for a day or two until he was walking better.
One time Toby started limping, howling, acting like someone was killing him I ran to the vet crying my eyes out The vet examined him, flipped him around etc etc Said he had a little pull on part of his back, but he was definetly playing it up!!!
The vet turned him so he couldn't see me, in a way that if he was hurt he wouldn't be able to turn The dog turned to make sure i was still there
While I will always bring my guy to the vet if i think anything is up, they can be very good actors!!!
My Willie did that!! He had pano so indeed did hurt sometimes. I'd massage his little legs (often a different one) and give extra loves. I had rimadyl the vet gave him for pain... but sometimes he's start limping when he saw me- just for the massage! He'd give me a sheepish look and take off runnnng when I caught him-
I don't think he's faking it; sounds like it sometimes hurts and sometimes it doesn't.
I agree with the people who suggest he's not faking it. Most times I've had some one tell me 'its psychological' or 'he's trying to manipulate you' with respect to a dog's ailment, it turned out to be something physical Dogs are smart, but I just don't think they are that cunning.

The very worst was when I had a dog with hemangiosaracoma, and my second dog started to show some of the same symptoms. The vet's first diagnosis on the second dog--'isn't that cute, he's worried about Sammy so he's acting like her'. Second diagnosis--hemangiosarcoma. Unfortunately that one was correct. :( Have it checked out.
Sharon Hall
could it be an Arthritis ? cause arthritis might comes and goes.
Have your vets check it out, it would worth the trip.

Henrietta will do this limping every now and then. She can make the most sad howling noise ever, just so she can convince you to take her for a ride!!!! But she does have arthritis, mostly when it's wet and damp out and after a long walk.
Always best to get it checked, but I know from experience that sometimes limps can be faked.

My spaniel has been going to the vets a lot of late - he recently had growths removed from his bowel, and so needs regular checkups. My Snoopy Basset had to come along to the vets for a while.

Suddenly, he'd develop a limp in the vet surgery, which would only go away when the vet put him on the table and make a fuss of him.

He had issues with pano as a pup, and now seems to associate being a three-legged hound with lots of attention from the hunky australian vet.

Now, it's completely untrue that I've made up any houndy illnesses just to see that vet.... :oops:
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