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Do You Know What This Is???

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Could you all take a look at these pictures and tell me what you think it might be? It's dry to the touch and looks like a whole lot of little skin tags on it. Doesn't seem to bother her with any kind of itching. I thought it might be just where she rubbed the ground maybe but I've been watching and it doesn't. So anyway...any suggestions? BTW, I've let the rescue folks know about it and am waiting to hear from them.

BTW, Scout is a 10 year old lady who I got as a foster on Wednesday of last week. Ain't she cute?

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It looks like a growth that might have ruptured? Our old dachshund Hansel had a series of strange looking growths the last few years before he passed away- we always had the vet look at them and decide what to do-

Congratulations on Scout!
First congratulations on Scout! I wish I could add more dogs to my house, but just not feasible...anyway.

That is a nasty looking growth...have you consulted a vet? I'd be intrested in finding out what that is... :blink:

I've had two Bassets that developed those kinds of patches on their chests. Both cases were a type of contact dermatitis. One of the boys was specifically allergic to grass. The patch would mostly disappear during the winter and come back again when the lawn grasses greened up. The condition isn't serious and really isn't any kind of "growth." However, on closer examination you might find that the raised areas are somewhat acne-like and filled with gunk (yes, that a medical term :p . I just kept the area clean and, if it seemed especially irritated, used a bit of OTC cortizone or benedryl cream/lotion. The condition never seemed to bother either boy, it just looked ugly
When I got Dixie, she had something that *looked like that* on her back. I was told it was a large ruptured cyst, that was in the process of healing. It got better and worse several times and finally our vet advised us to have it removed. We were worried about infection and all that goes along with that. They did cultures and found bacteria, etc. We had it removed and never had another problem.

I have been M.I.A. from Cyberhound. My new job "teaching" at-risk 9th graders is kicking my butt!

I happened to skim the site and saw your new foster.

She is such a sweet old gal!

Best wishes to you all, and I hope you figure out what that lumpy thing is all about.

Hub & Ohdee
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