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Do they all love plush toys, or just my guy?

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Flash is a plush toy fan! He has over two dozen 'babies' and loves them dearly. He will get them all out of his toy basket, arrange them around him until the arrangement suits him and then proceed to kiss/bathe each one until he's done. Once done, he falls asleep right in the middle of them. Finally, he never, never, EVER plays roughly with one of them, unlike some of his other toys.

I've never had a dog who was so 'into' plush toys. Do y'all have similar experiences?

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I've never had any that were quite like yours! Roscoe seems to like to mouth them, he'll pick up my son's stuffies and chomp them around a little, but never has done more than get them all slobbery. He's pulled the stuffing out of a few of the cats' stuffed mice, and he and Moose have partially destuffed another stuffed toy that wasn't plush.

I got the feeling he wanted plushiness, but I knew something fully stuffed would get gutted. I found a "flat squirrel" at the store that he loves. It's furry on the outside with a squeaker at head and tail. It's reinforced inside with canvas, to make it stand up to rough treatment, but no fluffy filling. He's not one to carry it everywhere, but it seems to be his favorite of all the dog toys.
Hmmmm...I have seen those "plush-less" dog toys before. I always thought the whole reason why most dogs liked plush toys was so they could rip out the cotton.
He seems to want to with the dog and cat toys, but hasn't damaged the boy's, so I don't know if he just knows he'd be in trouble since it isn't his.

And I think he just likes the feeling of the soft furryness in his mouth. If it was just the desire to "unstuff" things, I don't think he'd care for the flat squirrel.

All I know is that I like not having to clean up white fluff!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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