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Do they all love plush toys, or just my guy?

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Flash is a plush toy fan! He has over two dozen 'babies' and loves them dearly. He will get them all out of his toy basket, arrange them around him until the arrangement suits him and then proceed to kiss/bathe each one until he's done. Once done, he falls asleep right in the middle of them. Finally, he never, never, EVER plays roughly with one of them, unlike some of his other toys.

I've never had a dog who was so 'into' plush toys. Do y'all have similar experiences?

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My Bassets were bought lots of toys when we got them at nine weeks of age and we still buy them now, even though they are now two years old. Some of them are plush toys and others are plastic, lots of balls and squeaky toys and they both have always loved squeezing their squeaky toys in their mouths and Lottie always grabs a toy from the box in the hall (another in the kitchen) to take out into the garden with her.

Lottie's bestest plush toy is a red and white squeaky football from when we first got the pups and we have even seen her burying/hiding it in the flowery borders in the garden and it's been in the washing machine many times and looking worse for wear so the other day I bought her two new ones exactly the same and she and Lucie chase them up and down the hall passage and we roll them for them to fetch.

Here's Lottie at 10 weeks with her favourite plush squeeky ball when it was new... (click to enlarge)

Here she is after I had caught her trying to hide it by pawing up some soil over it in the flower borders
but by then it had been well played with and squashed in shape!

Here's the pair of them tugging one of their plush toys, even though they have one each.

They never chew soft toys up yet Lottie will chew anything plastic or wood and has chewed up numerous biros, pencils, plastic flower pots, my wooden pigs and cows are minus ears or feet.... I have to be one step ahead of them, especially Lottie who we call our naughty wee child!!!

They love chasing their treat ball around and often start off in the house and push it outside into the garden and last winter when we had snow they were pushing it around the snowy garden (I'll add a video when I find it) They play with satsumas too and roll them around the floor or take them into the garden to play with (a video to follow)

This is Lottie's party-piece that she does anywhere for attention or treats... indoors or outside!

Some clips of them playing with plush toys or chasing balls or satsumas!!!!

I would never leave either of them unattended with a tennis ball in case they choked on it!

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My boys love to rip the suffing out of their plus toys. I currently have some strewn around my living room right now I need to clean up. Toby never did it until he saw hank doing it. Bad influence! I just started buying their toys at the dollar store since they're are usually torn to shreds in a matter of days. And sophie b! Your picture of lottie as a puppy with the new soccer ball in her mouth. I almost died, that was one of the most adorable things I have ever seen!
FloppyToby I had just typed out a long reply but it disappeared!!!! :eek:

Lottie loved that soft read and white ball from day one when my husband bought them several new toys on their first day with us and as you could see in the other pic it was grey and flattened by the time Lottie was a year old and she often tried to hide it in the garden borders in the plants and we saw her several times pushing soil over it with her nose!

Lottie understands a lot of what we say to her and if she leaves some balls and toys in the garden and we tell her to 'fetch' them, she'll often go and grab them and bring them inside. Lucie prefers the harder balls that bounce as she likes to catch them - they both are good catchers, especially of doggy treats!!!

I have just bought them two new plush squeaky balls but Lottie still likes her original one just as much and I could never throw it out! Before Lottie goes out into the garden she chooses a soft ball or toy to carry in her mouth to go outside with and she looks funny as she squats down to wee with it still in her mouth!

They are just gone two and are both very playful, especially with each other and they love running around the garden chasing each other and running up and down the sun loungers, in and out of a big kennel that my husband made ages ago that my children always played in and the dogs sometimes sit in their with a bone or a chew to hide away from the others.... or they hide behind bushes and run round and round the picnic table! SO cute and very happy hounds!

Totally unseperable really!
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