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Do Bassetts get hayfever???

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Hello folks! Hope everybody is well...

My little Poppy is sneezing a lot (which in it's self is quite funny :lol: ) but I'm slightly concerned that she may have hayfever!! Does anybody know of a Bassett who sneezes lots? Is it something I should take her to the vet about? She doesn't seem out of sorts but I was just wondering!


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I don't know if they get hayfever, but Minnie sneezes a lot. Probably a dozen times or more each day. It does seem she sneezes more when we take walks through the fields than when we walk around the neighborhood. Our vet said it was nothing to worry about unless she started coughing along with the sneezing, but I don't remember why. (I asked about it over a year ago.) It doesn't seem to be an issue with her, she's been doing it since we got her.

The only thing I find bothersome about it is the fact that she seems to frequently sneeze ON me or my wife! <_<
Moe doesn't get sneezy but his eyes water more during high pollen times (mid-to-late spring - tree pollen is the worst around here). My friend's lab is allergic to grass, which I found strange. He gets a rash all over areas that come in contact with it. :blink: Poor thing!
Yes, Bassets do have allergies. I have had Louie tested. Poor guy is allergic to many trees, and HUMANS! Also Lambs wool, chicken and beef.

I have to give him 50 mg of benadryl twice a day during his bad seasons. He is doing pretty good!
Also helps to bathe them more frequently during allergy seasons to get allergens off the fur coat.
My westie has allergies, She doesn't sneeze though. She itches.
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