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Dixie is so smart!

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I'll try to keep this short and sweet ...even though it was a LONG night!

Dixie came into our bedroom last night and started licking SOMETHING, right next to my bed. Chewing ...licking After a few minutes, she got up and put her paw on the bed. Twice! She never does this so I knew something was wrong. No thunder fireworks. It had to be something else.

We went into the kitchen and she started it again! Licking that paw and staring at it and then at me and whining. So I got a little magnum flashlight and looked it over. THERE WAS A TICK NESTLED BETWEEN HER TOES!

This dog "tells" me when she has a tick. This is the second time it has happened. Similar circumstances ...but I'm always a little slow to catch on. My baby hates to be uncomfortable and it is apparently my job to see that things are made right! :lol:
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So nice that she trusts you enough to know that you will make it better. Whilst out walking Toby got a little thorn stuck in his foot. He limped straight over to me and sort of held his paw up. He sat still whilst I removed it and then went on his way.Sounds stupid I know, but I had a lump in my throat afterwards. :)
they're so much smarter than some people claim. i remember a vet once told me having dogs is like having perpetual two year olds around.

and i'll agree, in terms of some behaviors and in terms of the degree of protection they need.

but they're definitely smarter than a two year old.

very cool story. :)
Such a sweet story. I always get a lump too when mine do something like that. Dixie is such a special girl.
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