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Dixie is so frightened of the fireworks tonight!

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My poor baby is just shivering and panting under my desk! We've snuggled in a blanket and tried to drown out the noise but she's still a wreck.

I knew she was afraid of thunderstorms but this is much worse. I dont' really know what to do. I feel like we're at Epcot's Illuminations! Most everyone on our block is outside lighting something in the street. We live hear the Melbourne Causeway and the city had a half hour *real* fireworks display at 9:00. I thought we were home free until the neighborhood celebrations began. I think the had a big tent at the beachside Walmart this year.

I suppose it's lots of fun for most ...but Dixie is not amused.

By the way ...Belevedere is on his chaise lounge, on the patio, watching the sky. He seems more curious and "on guard" than scared. Go figure!
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same thing here. we had thunderstorms this afternoon, too, so they were primed.

some dogs are really noise sensitive --- Yogi sure is --- and i've found the best thing is to stay as calm as possible myself and just touch him every once in a while. Yogi's shivering stops almost immediately when i do, but i try to do it in such a way that it isn't "unusual" or seemingly rewarding his fear.

it's nuts here. i live out in the middle of nowhere, but everyone in the area must have spent their entire bank accounts on gigantic fireworks.
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