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Disneyland Commercial w/Basset...

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The basset makes his short apprearance in this new Disneyland Commercial. You have to watch it like a hawk cause it went away fast.
The theme of the commercial is "Super Heroes."
The basset appears in the beginning of the commercial.
There is a guy fixing something on the drive way in front of his garage, right on the bottom corner, you will spot a white/lemon colored basset sniffing the ground, try to escape (of course!!!)

I got so excited everytime I see a basset on TV. I can't control myself! :D
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I see this dog every time that commercial comes on, but hubby never catches it!! :D
Man, they are just not detailed oriented!
ha...ha..ha... :D
They can't multitask either - Mike is usually petting Daisy by his chair while watching TV. Doing both is tough I guess... :D :D :D
Lina you have basset eyes like me. I can spot one anywhere, it is a very short exposure but I spotted it the first time I saw that commercial. I totally freaked when I saw the bassets in the Nanny McPhee commercial. Before I could care less about see that movie but after seeing the bassets in it all dressed up it's a must see now.
Did you also see the commercial for the dog show last weekend--the theme was about dreaming big? The very first scene is a basset hound sprawled in the middle of a people bed.

I also love the hounds all dressed up in frilly bonnets on the Nanny McPhee commercial--precious!

I always loved the old Handi-wrap commercials with the basset--"oh, boy, it's leftover time--I'll never get another leftover--Handiwrap, I hate you..."

I suppose none of you are old enough to remember that one...

I finally saw the basset in the commercial!!!!
they should use bassets in all commercials!!!!
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