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I would not amputate a Basset's claws, ever. Remember, you're not just removing the nails, you're also amputating part of the toe and some tendons. My older boy, Rebel, has turned into a basket case when it comes to nails. Here's the method I use.

1. Put slip lead around Rebel's neck.
2. Administer one very mild tranquilizer pill; prescription from Vet.
3. Put Rebel in crate.
4. Set up grooming table, nail grinder, styptic powder (just in case), etc.
5. Do one of the other dog's nails first.
6. Use slip lead to pry Rebel out of crate, carry him to grooming table, do nails.

By the time its Rebel's turn, the tranquilizer has taken effect and the poor boy is pretty relaxed, although still not crazy about the whole manicure thing. If necessary I would also use a muzzle (its not in Rebel's case).

Edited to add: I carry Rebel to the grooming table because he WON'T walk on his own, not because the tranquilizer has made him too dopey to walk. Actually, other than calming him down a little, the tranquilzer has very little effect and he's always ready for his after-nails cookie.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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