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Thanks, basset pals!!

i m looking concerned because i really am. like-- when do i get to eat these treats already????

yeah, it helps to have paws that r like trays!

Ms. Peanut Butter, i used to do the same thing, and i'd have to find the treat on the floor when it bounced off my nose. one day, tho, i finally figured it out and now i can catch treats that are dropped at me from above.

Mikey, i know a little bit of hand-nose targeting because my teacher Mrs. C. taught us a little of that. my person makes me do that when i pull on my leash too much.

i would love to visit Texas, Mr. Hank, and yes, of course, Gandy can come over :) training is fun... ^_^

--your pal, Worm
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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