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Look at you Worm! Good job! He looks very concerned that the treats are sitting on his paws with all his wrinkles falling forward. So cute!

Oooh were gonna try treats on toes. PB does treat on nose pretty well. Trying to teach her to flip it off & catch it. But poor thing can't catch ANYTHING! She just let's it hit her in the face! Then states at you like, "why are you throwing things at me Mama?"
We had to teach Doppler and Virga both how to catch food. Doppler figured it out with a tennis ball first and we made a huge freakin' deal about and he figured out that it made us deliriously happy when he caught stuff. He's gotten more paranoid recently so he doesn't do it all the time. But Virga will only catch stuff if you drop it from right over top of her. If you toss it to her she'll do the same thing as PB. She'll cringe away from it and then look at me all hurt and everything. It's pretty funny. Then she'll scarf whatever it was of course!
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