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Diamond update from Murray's breeder

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"Hi Mary,

Oh no, that is just horrible. It really scares me more now. Out of
24 of our dogs tested, so far 11 have abnormal liver function
results. We still have more to test today. My own two house Bassets
also tested positive. It makes me sick. Our vet is optimistic that
the contamination of our dogs was mild and we have started them on
medicine to help with the liver function. We certainly hope she is right.

We agree that the way the word is getting out is just terrible. Can
you believe the distributor that we spend thousands of dollars with
every year didn't even tell us about it. We heard it first from customers!!!!!

Thanks again,


Received this today from Murray's breeder after passing along the information about the death of Dr.Leslie Newman's hounds which was posted here a couple of days ago.
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Just awful!! Glad we don't get that brand here. I would be neurotic.
My heart goes out to you and hope all with the modern medicine available these days that all will come out well for you. Do you breed for show and pets? If so, how do you think this will affect your business, if it is a business for you, of course. If you sell puppies, will potential buyers be wary of this issue? Just curious......


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Hi Lynne- will pass your questions along, I am also curious- I think they are in crisis mode right now so will wait a few days-

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