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"A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit regarding recalled
Diamond Pet Food products. A settlement fund, worth up to $3.1 million, will
be established and pay consumers who purchased recalled Diamond Pet Food
products, and compensate dog owners whose dogs were injured as a result of
eating recalled Diamond Pet Food products."

"Diamond denies any wrongdoing and contends that they have not violated any
laws. The court has not made any decisions regarding the facts of the case,
however, a settlement has been reached to resolve the issues and avoid costly
time-consuming litigation."

"Diamond will create a settlement fund of up to $3.1 million to provide
compensation for valid claims. Attorneys' fees, costs, and expenses will also
be covered by the settlement as determined by the court. The complete
settlement agreement, which is available at the website, describes all the
details of the settlement."

link to Diamond settlement website:

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After the lawyers get their share there probably won't be much left for the people who were affected by it.

Paws In Art[/b]

A fairness hearing to approve, modify or reject the settlement is scheduled March 26. The lawyers representing class members are requesting a fee of $465,000 and expenses of $10,735. Settlement checks will be distributed within six months of the judgment becoming final.
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