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Diamond Dog Food Recall

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I've been watching this unfold since last night, and Diamond has finally posted a recall notice on their site.

The notice is here. Apparently, some of their foods have been contaminated with aflatoxins and, although they're specifying foods coming out of their South Carolina facilities, deaths have been reported in New York and possibly California.

This is important, guys. I don't know the science of all this, but appaently these pups have gone into almost immediate liver failure. So, if you use Diamond foods, read their recall notice and be mindful of your pup!

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Thank you for posting this- I am passing this along to my friend who uses Diamond-
May I have permission to cross-post with another basset group?

Janet 'n Twink
Cross-post everywhere there might be doggies being fed Diamond. Really --- this is very, very serious and everyone who uses Diamond needs to know ASAP.

Do you know if this includes the food they make for Costco?
bcc, I would imagine it does. All they're specifying now is that the problems appear to have originated at their manufacturer in Gaston, South Carolina and, as far as I can tell, the recall includes all types of the food.

You should check your bag to see where your bag originated. If from Gaston, take heed! Coupled with any sign of lethargy, lack of appetite, yellowed eyes, etc., get the pup into a vet NOW. A number of dogs have already died --- this is nothing to mess around with.

Cornell did the original toxicology on this and, from what I just read somewhere else, they're now taking in as many sick dogs from area vets as possible to try and save them. This is a very serious situation for anyone who uses their foods. Check those bags and watch that pup and tell everyne who uses Diamond!
Thanks, Biscuit. I don't actually use the Costco food anymore -- Chloe has "sensitive skin" so I use Purina Pro Plan for sensitive skin now. :roll: (At twice the cost, I might add.)

However, I wasn't sure how many people using the Costco food realized it was made by Diamond.
it said that "....we have notified our distributors and recommended they hold the sale of all Diamond Pet Food products formulated with corn that were produced out of our Gaston facility..."

I feed my hounds with Costco Non-corn formula (cause Winston is allergic to corn).
Do you think it got contaminated too?

Oh doesn't matter, I will check the bag when I go home later today.
I know the current bag is okay, cause we almost gone through a whole bag and both hounds are okay.
But I just purchased another bag 2 weeks ago, I better check this new bag.
I think Diamond has a manufacturing plant in California, and they distribute to the West Coast, so I think you're okay. I did see mention of at least one dog in Callifornia who either got sick or died from it, but I also recall someone saying they'd been there to visit and left a bag of Diamond there, so it seems likely that's what happened.

In any case, Diamond is saying only one death, but there have been more, and Clemson University apparently just confirmed liver damage consistent with aflatoxin poisoning in some autopsies.

Sheesh. What a mess.

As for Costco, they seem like a good outfit and I'll bet they've already pulled all their affected foods from the shelves.
According to the Diamond website, it doesn't appear that the Costco food is affected. The Costco brand doesn't have any corn in it and the fungus which produces aflatoxins affects corn.
Thank goodness, my state isn't one of the ones listed, but I'm going to buy some lamb and rice and throw out the other anyway!
Diamond has added another food to the list of ones that are no good. 23 states are affected by this recall.i know some people that were feeding this food and they are really pissed off about Diamonds Quality Control,and will not use it anymore.
I live in the Finger Lakes area of Upstate NY and had been feeding my Basset and two Lab mixes Diamond's light forumla for quite some time now. The distributor where I buy it replaced it with another kind, which they've been eating. It's been several weeks now and no symptoms appeared. I checked with my distributor last night and they were contacted by Diamond and told that the tainted food that they had been selling was the hi engergy and maintenance formula only. So my dogs are safe - however, I'm switching to Iams. Diamond was a really good, all natural food, but I've lost confidence in them after this.

By the way, I live not far from Cornell University and their vet clinic is working with this and they had 17 dogs brought in, 70% died.
Judy, be mindful that their recall included all the foods from the Gaston plant.

I found an agriculture dept compliance list for commercial critter food manufacturers, and Diamond had only 83% compliance. I never used Diamond, but the list was creepy enough to me that I immediately switched to a food from manufacturers with 100% compliance. Iams had 100% compliance, but I went with Eukanuba.

Just as creepy for me were that some manufacturers weren't listed, including the manufacturers of some popular foods, like Flint River. In essence, that kind of says to me that the producer of a dog food sort of veils who's actually manufacturing it. I'm not willing to chance it.

Creepy stuff.
biscuit....could you please post a link to the Dept of agriculture page you mentioned ? sounds like good reading
I was going to dig it up for Lynn and Huck's new thread, but it will take a little while beause it's been a few weeks since I looked at it. I have to go feed the birds (I made them bread last night :D ) and do some other chores, so it will likely be this evening before I get it posted.

It's pretty creepy. It lists manufacturers of all commercials feeds, and some don't even hit 50% compliance. Despite creepiness, though, I think it's important to know so we can make informed decisions.
Biscuit - I have been researching all the dog foods on the net and came across Iams/E..(sp?) and they are both being boycotted because they do terrible experimenting on animals. I compared ingredients and decided on PurinaONE (healthy weight formula) - first ingredient turkey, not grains or filler. Not too pricey either. I just want to stay away from small companies and stick with the big stand-bys.
Homer --- Purina has a lower compliance rate than Diamond --- 80%. ! And I think the thing about Iams was an urban legend. Let me look around and see if I can find the info on it.

As for the original website where I found the compliance rates, I can't find it. However, I found a lot of other ones by googling "department of agriculture" compliance and "commercial feeds", if anyone's interested. I found a really good one from North Carolina where the ag dept tested all the different foods, but it wasn't particularly transparent, meaning it was kind of hard to interpret their results --- and I'm on the last days of my break!!!

Be sure to go to the official reports --- they're usually in pdf form, but sometimes you can get them in html (if you're pdf impaired like I am :D ). Be very wary, however, of the sites which cherrypick the data and use it to promote their own products!

Be patient and I'l see if I can dig up the info on Iams. I have more chores to do, though, and a movie to watch, so it might not be til tomorrow a.m.!
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