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Bitter apples is a spray that is used on surfaces as a deterrent for chewing such as furniture, so any so called trainer that suggested spraying a dog with it - where it's face - wouldn't get any future business from me or recommendation, barbaric.
Have the most docile, friendly tolerant pair of dogs, but thought years ago 'where have I gone wrong', as they objected by snarling when I attempted to remove them from my bed? Was really shocked, then I thought, 'what the h**l are they doing on our bed anyway :eek:, neither were they that good at being physically moved, & again I'm thinking 'what am I doing' shouldn't have to move them, they can move themselves! Since then I've realised that there are some characteristics (whether it's a dog or anyone else for that matter) that I just accept & don't get involved with. They don't (I lie, they spent 18 months on & off my husbands bed when & after he had chemo) go on our beds, bedrooms are up stairs & they almost never do stairs. If they need to move so perhaps I can sit on the sofa rather than the floor, I call them to the kitchen or call them for a biscuit. It's not that I've given in it's just that I accept there are a few areas of behaviour that I will go with & not push them. Can't remember the last time we had a face off, they grumble a bit when lifted into the bath, no problem lifting them in or out of the car, they will happily allow me to poke & prod any part of their anatomy, present paws with embeded thorns for removal, have even been known to sleep in one of their baskets, but they don't get access to my bed. Unless I'm sleeping on the floor with them when they are ill!
To the original poster, your boy needs a good walk every day what ever the weather, Bassets are hounds, when mature they can go for hours. Exercise his brain, by training him positively with rewards, ten mins a day is good way to mentally tire him, work with him. Personally I wouldn't want to come in either if I knew that the rest of my pack were just about to leave me alone.
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