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If I might just make one suggestion - AVOID!! Anywhere you don't want him to resource guard, which is what he's doing, keep him away from. Hounds are pack animals, and as such, built into his psyche is the need to defend anything and anywhere he sees as 'his' from all incomers. This needs to be curbed obviously because what has happened with him is he's never been taught this isn't acceptable behaviour. To know his place. And this is probably part of, if not all, why he was out of a home - it's all too easy to spoil a Basset puppy, and what's left is a hooligan, who is now out of control. He's starting to do all this because he now feels he's settled with you - feet under the table so to speak, and it's time to move the goalposts with you.:( Wrong buddie.

But whatever you do, don't push this - if he manages to get where you don't want him (which is a situation that has to be worked at), then rather than physically try to pull him off, which usually only escalates the situation, bribe him. Whatever he does like - most Bassets will go for food, of some kind!! And yes, cheese, or cooked liver, whatever.

And yes, being off his normal exercise level will leave him with excess energy with no outlet - get your husband to wrap up and get out there for a good walk. Out in Canada, only the worst blizzard would keep us in. :D

ps Yes, those potatoes beside the bed LOL!
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