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Does anyone have any experience with lobbying your city council to defeat breed-specific legislation? Washington, DC's city council has proposed legislation giving our mayor the power to designate some breeds (he can choose which ones) "potentially dangerous" and create and enforce strict laws against owners of those breeds--like requiring any dog of that breed to always be on a muzzle and 4-foot leash, requiring the owner to put up a "dangerous dog on premises" sign on their front gate, get $50,000 of liability insurance and name the city as a beneficiary, etc. It sounds like abuse of power to me.

Since I have bassets, this more than likely wouldn't affect me, but my best friend has a Black Russian Terrier, who is a giant sweetheart who wouldn't hurt a fly, but that breed could certainly be discriminated against as a "potentially dangerous breed." I personally think it's a bad idea--the two sweetest, best-behaved and most obedient dogs I've ever met were pit bulls and the worst dogs I've ever met--who would attack humans or other dogs for no reason--were a miniature poodle and a chihuahua.

I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this?
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