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Deep folds in vaginal area

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I recieved a call about a basset mix that the owner may have to give up for medical reasons.

She says that the area around the dog's butt has very deep folds (right word?) in it that are often raw because of moisture, rashes etc. There is apparently also some vaginal discharge.

She went through a round of antibiotics and is now trying to keep the area dry with Gold Bond powder and other otc meds.

I asked if surgery to removed the loose sking was an option but she claims it is muscle, not skin. Not having seen the dog I can't confirm or refute any of this.

I'm wondering if anyone has seen something like this and might have some suggestions about treating it.
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Thanks Mikey! I suspect this is the solution. Hope the owner will listen and get her to a vet for evaluation. But, I suspect she will end up in a shelter or rescue....
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