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Dean and Mike Definitions

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The previous thread got off topic, so to clarify who will be affected by the new law:

Two definitions of "Kennel" now exist in Pennsylvania.

1.KENNEL: Any establishment in or through which at least 26 dogs are kept or transferred in a calendar year, or a boarding kennel. THESE ESTABLISHMENTS WILL CONTINUE TO OPERATE WITHIN THE PARAMETERS OF THE 1982 DOG LAW with the exeption that they must develop an exercise plan, and must be equipped with a smoke alarm or fire extinquisher

2.COMMERCIAL KENNELS: now defined as a kennel that 1. breeds or whelps dogs and sells or transfers any dog to a dealer or pet shop or 2. sells or transfers more than 60 dogs per calendar year.

The Commercial Kennels are the kennels affected by the new dog law (see provisions listed in post #1 of the previous thread)

Edited for further clarification:

A Canine Health Board (CHB) was created by HB2525 to establish guidelines for: lighting, ventilation, ammonia levels, humidity ranges, cage surface, exercise requirements and temperature highs. The CHB will consist of 9 veterinarians appointed as follows: 3 will be appointed by the Governor; 4 will be appointed by various members of the General Assembly; 1 will be appointed by the President of the PA Veterinary Medical Association; and 1 will be appointed by the Dean of the University of PA Medical School. The CHB will meet within 30 days after HB2525 was signed into law, and will establish temporary guidelines within 45 days of such meeting. A quorum of the CHB will consist of 5 members, no proxy voting and a majority rules.

Waiver - those kennels which have not been convicted of a violation of the Dog Law in the past 3 years and have made substantial structural improvements to the housing facility of the kennel can apply for a waiver of all the above requirements for a period of up to 3 years. In addition, commercial kennels may subsequently apply for an extension of additional time to be added to the approved waiver period
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There are increasede inspection and a new definition of a Recue network kennel that did not previous exist that allow rescue to operate outside the kennel reguirment that they will nol longer be able to do and establish that foster homes must be open for inspection as well.
also there are admendment to the 1982 statute that effects all kennels as well including increased inspections and change to access right of warden to inspect etc.
Mikey Tefts.[/b]
I find it ironic that with all the complaints about the need for more enforcement, there are complaints about increased inspections- how in the heck can anything be enforced if inspections aren't increased?

And for me, the 3 year extension clause is the thing that's problematic, not the fact that other aspects of the law go into effect immediately.

And yes, a commercial kennel by definition is a kennel that "breeds or whelps dogs and sells or transfers any dog to a dealer or a pet shop".

Also, I didn't mean to imply that the law deals only with kennels (and not licensing, fines, etc.)- my first sentence probably should have read:" to clarify WHICH KENNELS will be affected by the new law." I was referring specifically to the provisions listed in my first post on the previous thread. Sorry for not being clear in my wording/paragraph structure.

My position is this: that we in Pa. needed to do something to make it harder for the puppymill industry to operate here, and that alot of people tried hard to get a law written that would do that without harming the sporting groups, etc. The proof of the law will be in what happens over the next year as it's put into effect-

Anyway, hope my posting over the past year about this has helped some folks understand the issues we've faced here. I'll post next year and try to give a fair and balanced report on how it's worked out for the puppymills, the sporting groups, rescues, and everyone else involved.

Mary Gottfried
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