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The previous thread got off topic, so to clarify who will be affected by the new law:

Two definitions of "Kennel" now exist in Pennsylvania.

1.KENNEL: Any establishment in or through which at least 26 dogs are kept or transferred in a calendar year, or a boarding kennel. THESE ESTABLISHMENTS WILL CONTINUE TO OPERATE WITHIN THE PARAMETERS OF THE 1982 DOG LAW with the exeption that they must develop an exercise plan, and must be equipped with a smoke alarm or fire extinquisher

2.COMMERCIAL KENNELS: now defined as a kennel that 1. breeds or whelps dogs and sells or transfers any dog to a dealer or pet shop or 2. sells or transfers more than 60 dogs per calendar year.[/b]
Wrong in the aspect this law only deals with kennels.

This law is sweeping in licences requirements and fines, changing dangerious dog statutes, even restitution for coyotes so to caracterize it as a puppymill law is plan wrong while clearly better than the first verison which bore all the marks of HSUS legislation to be the first step to a breeding ban it is far from perfect and does effect regular folk as well

a comercial kennel by definition can be as few as three dogs.

The requirement for comercial kennels do not go in to effect for a full year and for most there is a 3 year or more extenstion available. While those effect the smaller operation go into effect either imeadiately or 60 days. There are increasede inspection and a new definition of a Recue network kennel that did not previous exist that allow rescue to operate outside the kennel reguirment that they will nol longer be able to do and establish that foster homes must be open for inspection as well.

also there are admendment to the 1982 statute that effects all kennels as well including increased inspections and change to access right of warden to inspect etc.

Mikey Tefts.
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