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Day of Torture

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Today was a day of torture for my 2. We started the day off by being locked out of the house while on our way to the vet. Had to wait for hubby to come home to let us in...he works about 25 minutes away and it was hot! We load up in the car (they were so excited to go on a car ride :( ) to go to the vet for our yearly shots. We get there and Lily somehow manages to get out of her harness in the parking lot next to a busy road! I about DIED trying to get her back! Luckily she likes car rides so I opened the car door and that's how I got her to come to me! She normally listens so well, but I think she was really scared and those listening skills went by the wayside. I was panic stricken! If anything would've happened to her It would've wrecked my world! We get inside for shots and get the good news that Lily has lost 7lbs this year (the vet wanted her to lose weight so this was great news!)! After the shot torture was complete we went to Petco to get nail cuts and ear cleanings! They did a great job and the Petco people were so nice (NOT LIKE THE PETSMART PEOPLE WHO YELLED AT AND RESTRAINED MY DOGS LAST TIME I TOOK THEM THERE FOR NAIL CUTS...NEVER AGAIN!) and did a great job with them. After all of this torture we are now home and they got a special nasty smelling chicken treat that I find repulsive, but they love! Boy what a day, we are all tired and ready for a nap!

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We know the feeling! Hope all is well with you all. Sounds like a trying day for all.

Great howling and baying to you....

Miss Daisy and her driver, Fritz :blink:
Wow, that was a lot of excitement for one day!
The Petsmart people were really that rude to your dogs? Glad to hear they had a much better experience at Petco.
That's great that Lily took off the extra weight!
It was definitely a day of excitement. The PetSmart were very rude to the dogs. I've spoken to many people who have been very happy with PetSmart so maybe I just had a bad experience. I'm so happy my Lily has lost the weight she needed to...I know it's so important for Bassets weight to stay in control.

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