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Day at the Vet

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Lily and Gibbs had their yearly checkups today. I took Lily in this morning and the poor nervous girl peed 3 times!!! The vet also said that she was overweight and needs to be put on a diet. She's 71lbs and the vet would like to see her between 60-65 lbs. So diet food and more exercise for my hefty girl. Any one have any diet foods they recomend? I'm thinking of the Nutro Natural Lite formula since she's already on Nutro Natural...As for Gibbs I took him this afternoon. Poor boy was shaking like a leaf, but he did fine. Everyone at this vet was very nice...unlike the old vet. They are both zonked out right now due to their hard day. :lol: I think they deserve some homemade frozen treats tonight.

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I personally don't care for the "diet" dog foods. What I like to do is just cut back the amount of food the dog is eating by a quarter cup or so every two weeks. I had to do this for Yogi when I recently switched his food. His new food has a much higher kcal than the old food so he did gain some weight but it is slowly coming off. Gunny also gained weight and I had to cut him back as well.
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