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Toby has developed what can only be described as 'dandruff' through his coat.He hasn't been bathed for 7 months so I know it's not residue from shampoo. Had him at the vet because he was scratching his ears.She cleaned them and said it was fine(stupidly, I had cleaned them the night before so don't think she got the whole picture)but, his ears are certainly a lot dirtier than before.

Anyone have any idea what could cause this and what I should do to eliminate it? Really don't want to leave this in case an ear infection or a skin infection starts.
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Thanks Betsy, after reading this yesterday, I phoned the vet this morning.Got to speak to her and told her that his ears are still IMO dirtier than usual, and he now has dandruff through his coat and it looks duller.

She thinks perhaps I presented him to her prematurely about the ears last week??? (noticed the scratching on monday and took him in on Tuesday and I cleaned them in between)Have heard so many horror stories on here about ear infections going on for months that thought it best to 'nip it in the bud'.

Anyway, got an appointment for wednesday, and in between times she has requested that I don't clean his ears. Been doing it daily and still getting gunk out of them. Thanks again Betsy.
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