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Daisy May updates :)

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Just wanted to share more pics of my Daisy May.

This is her favorite way to sleep.

Trying to take a nice pic.

Our Easter family photo.

I was whistling at her.

She is now 11 months old. When she makes a year, we're going to bring her in for a checkup. She has had only 2 accidents in the house in the past month(which is great!!!). And she's learning new tricks. She knows sit, down, speak, stand, shake, and is just starting to learn roll over. And she's gotten better at listening. Still a little naughty, but oh well. I love having her in my family. I'm planning on getting a playmate for her. Don't know if we'll get another Basset. I like to have different types of dogs. Any suggestions?
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Wonderful pictures. You look like you have a great time together!
Daisy May is a real beauty. I enjoyed every picture of her and your family. She looks like she has a lot of personality. Well done on her training.

If you are thinking of another breed, can I recommend the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are easy to train and very friendly and loving. That is what I have now. My basset passed away 4 years ago & that is when I got a cavalier. I hope to have another basset some day and I know the two breeds will get on well together.
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Daisy May is a real beauty! Baxter loves to sleep on his back too. If you're thinking of getting another dog, I have had much success mixing Labs with Bassets. I did so twice and they were the best of friends. Presently, Baxter (Basset) and BJ (Lab mix) are just like brothers! They are together all the time. They play out in the yard, in the house, and even drink their water out of the same bowl - at the same time! :lol: With Baxter, EVERYTHING is his! Whatever BJ gets, even if it's the same bone, he wants it!! He will whine and cry till BJ has had enough and gets up and leaves it for him. They are both good natured and never fight. It's just a joy to watch them together.
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