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**** cysts!

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Moe's surgery to remove the cyst on his foot went smoothly - his foot has healed so unbelievably well that you'd be hard-pressed to find where the incision was if you didn't already know where to look (and even then you wouldn't see anything except hair that's a little shorter than the rest - the scar is practicaly invisible :(
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Poor Moe, he's really having a time of it. I do hope no surgery will be necessary! Fred sends much healing drool for your little one, and he'll be in our thoughts.
Poor Moe! I'm sorry to hear this again, but am happy that he recoved so fast.
Poor Moe! Hopefully, the antibiotics will work and he'll be good as new in no time.

Lady's gotten a lump so she's going in later this week to have it investigated. Maybe she and Moe can discuss their lumpy woes by doggie IM. :D
Hope Moe's feeling better shortly. Sounds like he has an excellent nurse. :) My understanding is that vets do give discounts to their employees. ;)
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