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Cyberhounds place in obedience

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Our very own Toughy earned his CD today at the Nationals in Gettysburg. And on top of that he placed first in Novice A. Way to go Mike and Toughy.!!!!!


1st Place - Sir Toughynutter - Score 183
Owner: Michael Tefts

Miriam aka Soundtrack earned a qualifying score and second place in Nov B.

2nd Place - Soundtrack Amben Mustang Sally - Score 186
Breeder: Miriam Dalfen and Randy and Penny Frederiksen
Owner: Miriam Dalfen

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Again, congrats to all!!! Nice job!!!

Alice :D
Great! Wish I could have been there for the whole event. What fun! :D
WAY TO GO !!!! I love to hear about talented bassets--keep it up
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