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Crusted Nose

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Well, here I am again. I guess we'll move on from what Sam is, to what he has. For the past six months, his nose has become dry {thought they were always to be cold and wet to be healthy) and then it really began to dry out and become
cracked. The vet gave it a name ______tosis? (You know doctors) and gave us a topical ointment to put on it, but also
added, "Good luck keeping it on." He's right. Sam is a compulsive nose-licker, even in normal times. I have tried a heavier salve - "Bag Balm" - remember that? But still, Sam won't stopping licking his nose making it impossible for any medication to be absorbed. Now he has gotten these dried cracks bleeding at times. He doesn't seem to be in pain or uncomfortable, just looks pathetic. Any suggestions? Sue
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If you have trouble finding lanolin, look in the baby section. There is a medical grade lanolin that nursing mothers use to soothe drying and cracking. It does work well -- just warm it up in between your fingers before applying it to his nose.
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