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on space
On need to keep in mind actuivity creates pee. from Housetraining Your Puppy
A 12 wk puppy who is busy playing may need to urinate every 15-20 minutes, whereas a resting puppy might go for an hour, and a sleeping puppy can go 8 hours at night. Activity makes urine! Activity makes urine! Repeat this 10 times, slowly. This is a very important lesson for new puppy owners. [/url] the same is true of adult dogs.
When a dog is crate confined it ussually sleeps as such produces less urine so it can go longer time before needing to go. When the dog is more active it is going to need to pee more frequently. This may be part of the issue. You have two large streches of time in which the dog must hold it. A lit abit of activity during this time may produce just enough more urine that makes the needed duration impossible. If you can shorten the night time duration from 9 hrs to 8 hours you might have different results.

Strider, initially, slept in his crate for the first 3 days, then we tried having him sleep with my 12 year old son.
how did you make the transistion. You do not want to just move the dog to your sons room. The transition should work something like this. Dog in crate move to sons room for a couple week. In you go to bed after son then you can start to open the crate door after the dog is asleep and see what happens. If this goes well for a couple week you can try dog in crate but door remains open. Once and only once this is successful for some time can you try dog in sons room without crate.

For the day time you can do something similar Placeing the crate in a small room in which an accident is easily cleaned. plus the dog crate with the door open or removed. I however would not do so without making arrangement to have a dog walker come in once a day to take the dog out to reduce the time the dog must hold it. You can then slowly look at increasing time Dog walker comes progressively later in the day and adding more space. but never both at the same time.

thought his running back and forth from the kitchen to the sliding glass door or from my bedroom door to my bathroom door was an indication that he had to go.
This is often the gist of many housetraining accidents rather than the dog inability or understanding to hold it. It is not uncoomon for a dog to never find a relieable signal (cue) to use to indicate to the humans of the household it need to go. It is IMHO much better to teach the dog a signal to use. See the following two articles by combineing them both you can teach the dog to ring a bell as a signal it need to potty rather than simply a signal it need to go out i.e walk/play etc.

House Training: Ring My Bell!

Insights Into Puppy Mouthing
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