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Here's where I'm at a loss. During the night, she wakes up about every 3 hours to go potty. She will cry, and I will get up take her outside to make and then put her immediately back to bed. There is no play time involved, just a bathroom break. I was fine with this routine, however my sister in law (who is a vet tech) told me there is no reason she should have to go out at night. She seems to believe that I'm going to install bad behavior in her by allowing these bathroom breaks during the night. She said it would take a few nights, but I should let her cry and only allow her out once we get up in the morning
That a problem with none breed specific advice. There are quite a few breeds for younger pups but bassets are much slower to mature in this area and is one reason that they are more difficult to house train than other breeds

you may find the following helpful

Creating a Nighttime Ritual
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