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Me and my boyfriend were sitting in the living room and we hear some noise in the kitchen (usually Ella counter surfing) and low and behold Ella is on the kitchen counter.... today Ella learned that she has the ability to actually jump ON the kitchen counters....and yes I mean starting at the floor and ending up on top of the counter!!

yes Ella is a small 40lb and much more nimble than your average basset but never did I ever think she could jump up on something that high!

This should be quite the fun challenge for us....I swear she is out to get me sometimes!
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I'm soooo glad I don't have a counter surfer! How in the world do they manage to get up there?????? :eek:
Crikey... and how do they get down? We were always told by breeders and vets not to let our Bassets jump off anything that's higher than they are or it can damage their legs or their backs so I hope they don't injure themselves! :eek: Ours counter surf but there's no way they'd get up on the top!

I also hope that one day when they climb on the top of the cooker that it hasn't just been on and is still hot! :eek:
mariah routinely jumps up on table height 30" items but has never attempted counter height 36" FWIW dog or any animal can jump up on a higher solid surface than they can actual clear jump a bar. That is because they can use the front end to help pull themselves up that you can't do with a bar. mariah can clear a 22" bar without much effort but it is not somthing we encourage. Actual there is not much stress involve in jumping up on something all the concusion forces occur when jumping down.
Mikey, would you agree with my vet and breeder friends that this is the same with stairs? It's fine going up, but all the weight is forcrd onto those little front legs when going down.

We have never let our Bassets go up and down stairs and keep a 'gate' at the bottom.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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