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Prior to going to work I have to look and see what could be eaten or spilt on the counter. I have watched as I get into my truck and see Ruby sitting ontop of the wee table beside the counter. I have tried honking at her and she casually looks back at me through the window. If she could thumb her nose at me she would. Folks that have lived beside me are humored while they watch her antics as soon as I leave. Looking back the most destructive antic was knocking my cordless handset into her dog water bowl. All the telephone numbers were erased! Yeah, I have found the pound of butter half eaten underneath my pillow on my bed, eaten the whole loaf of bread forgotten on the counter etc. I just have to be one smarter than Ruby and see the counter as she would see it when I leave. Those short legs are no handicap whatsoever.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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