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Someone so" kindly" dropped a cat off in our neighborhood and of course because I fed her she chose to have her six kittens under my shrubs. The kittens are now 2 weeks old and Copper is Fasinated with them. We have a cat so it is not like he hasn't been around them before. Every morning first thing he goes and checks on them and when I feed mama cat he looks in like he's counting them.

Dolly is helping him count

I love these pictures! We adopted a kitten from the humane society this weekend. She is only 8 weeks old so we are keeping her separated from the dogs per their recommendation for about a week and will then keep her separated during the day when we are at work.
She has seen them a handful of times and has already sent Molly running by hissing at her and swatting her in the nose.
I hope over time they become friends becuase the girls really like cats!
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